12 years experience defining and driving customer research, product design and marketing for digital web and mobile services.


  • Led product design process for 12 products, ranging from large enterprise solutions to agile startups.
  • Held 75+ weekly design meetings and presentations to key stakeholders and development teams.
  • Conducted 50+ product and customer research studies, presented as insights to key stakeholders
  • Responsible for designing the mobile app concept that won Startup Weekend 2013
  • Led the product design process for a on-boarding project that resulted in a 4x conversion uplift


  • Held weekly product marketing meetings for key stakeholders
  • In charge of concept work for assisting 17 large partnership pitches
  • Managed a five figure yearly marketing budget, driving down cost-per-lead 25%
  • Running web, email and social marketing activities for 4 products
  • Co-hosting a 50+ people customer research meet-up in Berlin
  • Assisted sales in-house and on roadshows with live product demos and presentations


  • Currently product manager for a 8-person full stack kanban team
  • Running biweekly agile sprints with a team of developers for the last 5 years
  • Doing continuous technical design documentation and delivery to development teams
  • Hosted a quarterly 40+ people product meet-up
  • Writing and maintaining front-end code repositories for 4 large-sized products


  • Product Management activities in an agile development environment
  • Design Thinking methods for collaborative problem solving
  • Customer Research for product and marketing insights
  • UX Design; iterative prototyping and testing
  • Visual and UI Design for multiple platforms
  • Digital Marketing Strategy for web, sem, email and social


  • Justice Digital & Strategy, 2017–Present at Scottish Government
    Role: Product Manager
  • Datapine, 2016–2017 at Datapine GmbH
    Service for easy-to-use Business Intelligence visualization
    Role: Senior Product Manager
  • EyeQuant, 2013–2015 at WhiteMatter Labs GmbH
    Service for instant eye-tracking results via a machine learned algorithm.
    Role: Lead Product Designer, Marketing Manager
  • Keyteq Labs, 2007–2013 at Keyteq AS
    The service and product innovation arm of the digital agency Keyteq AS
    Role: Lead Product Designer for full service portfolio

     – Enterprise CMS solution for eZ Systems
    Attain – Service for improving SEO and engagement
    KeyMedia – Enterprise Digital Assets Management
    KeySMS – Service for creating marketing and solutions based on sms
    KeyPublisher – Content Management System


  • Pengo, 2013 at Startup Weekend
    Smart service that saves you money by suggesting where to shop groceries.
    Role: Lead Product Designer
  • Rutetid, 2010 at Keyteq AS
    Service for finding optimal bus travel routes
    Role: Lead Product Designer
  • Tilbakekalling, 2009 as a freelancer
    Notification service for Norwegian food recalls
    Role: Lead Product Designer



  • NASA, 2015—presentas a volunteer
    National Aeronautics and Space Administration
    Role: Copyeditor for the 'Beautiful Mars' project
  • EFF Open Wireless, 2014 as a volunteer
    Service for sharing your wifi to the public
    Role: Volunteer Service Designer
  • GNOME Project, 2011 as a volunteer
    Desktop Environment based on FOSS
    Role: Volunteer UX Designer
  • Shotwell, 2011 as a volunteer
    Photo Manager for GNOME 3
    Role: Volunteer UX Designer


“I particularly appreciated his ability to synthesize his findings to make them immediately actionable, whether they came from customer interviews, analytics, or user testing. Tor understands markets and products at a high-level, which helps him to conceptualise new products and features. But he's also able to execute on the details.”
– Kurtis Morrison, VP Client Services at EyeQuant


“Tor is a dedicated designer. While excellent at pushing pixels, his competence stretches far beyond just the visual aspect of design. […] He is also a typography geek. He is always updated on the latest trends, but doesn't blindly follow them all. He reads a humongous amount of articles on web and design in general, which he learns a lot from and often put to use immediately.”
– Hein Haraldson Berg, Developer at Agens


“His experience with the [research] methodology was tremendously helpful. He guided us through the whole preparation process, helped us recruiting the right people and gave us great assistance when analyzing the results.”
– Hubert Gertis, SC at Magine AB


"I worked closely with Tor on building user centered web applications for 4 years. Tor is a determined and very competent colleague to have. He delivered on everything from product concept, through user research and to working on the final design implementations of our product line. His best quality is his meticulous approach towards work. He will challenge second-grade solutions and push on to find better ways. Overall I would recommend Tor for his broad experience and his expert knowledge across several activities required to build great products."
– Raymond Julin, Developer at NetLife Research


"No truth is self-evident with Tor, and he's not afraid to get his hands dirty or try new things. He is able to take thoughts and ideas from others and make into something concrete and deliver on it. With a critical and minimalistic approach he delivers fast prototyping and takes MVP to a new level. He's also actually quite fun to work with!"
– Stig Martin Fiskå, Business Development Manager at Keyteq


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